You are currently viewing Why Our Website Designs are Out of This World? A website design blog explaining what makes a website great.

Why Our Website Designs are Out of This World? A website design blog explaining what makes a website great.

A website is a collection of web pages. A website facilitates your business in one way or another by ensuring it’s always online and customers can book your services anytime.

Different businesses and companies have different types of website designs which suite or fulfill their needs in one way or another.

A well developed and designed website design should have several factors that put it out as the best design approach.

A good website design should have the followings factors to be considered as the best design:

1. A homepage resembling a landing page.

2. It should have your Company’s Blog.

3. It should have contact pages

4. An Amazing Design

5. Services page

6. Portfolio page


Why Our Website Designs are Out of This World? A website design blog explaining what makes a website great

At Nairobi Digital Cloud Agency, we develop the best website designs. Our designs have been well used in various websites around Kenya and in the USA.

To confirm this statement, you can go to our Homepage and see for yourself.

We develop all types of websites ranging from simple portfolio websites to enterprise website designs. We take pride in our work and we love what we do passionately.

Check this link see OUR WORK PAGE and what we have developed for our previous clients.


1. A homepage resembling a landing page.

The best website designs in the world have a very beautiful and easy to understand landing page/homepage which introduces your business to the world.

Having a creative design is essential to achieving the best website designs especially if you are in services industry.

People should be able to understand your product and what you do by just looking at your homepage copy. Images help too to boost the design of your homepage.

It is also important to note that, only images that are related to the field of work that you are in are the best in helping you to show the world what you do.

Our homepage website designs are the best since they have all the details and the necessary elements that tell people more about your business.

You can also check our pricing plans for your next project.

2. It should have your Company's Blog.

A blog is the page that can be used to post articles and related news within your website.

A blog is essential in driving organic traffic into your website to enable your website to rank better on Google search engine.

In our case, we are using this blog page in our website to host articles into it so that our website visitors can be able to learn one or two things related to website design.

You can check our other articles on web design, SEO and Google ads.

If you have a blog inside your company website design, it will be very easy to create articles and publications to enable your website visitors to be able to interact with the content and get knowledgeable about your products and services.

3. It should have contact pages

Contact page enables your website to have contact forms and contact details in your website so that website visitors can be able to contact your business or book your services online.

Having a contact page is very essential because if you have people in your website the only good thing is help them contact you right away and book your services.

You can check how a contact form looks like:

Ensure you tell your website developer to include a contact page in your website to enable customers to book you right away.


4. An Amazing Design

A website with an amazing design will attract visitors to interact with it more and that will boost your business confidence in terms of reliability and delivery.

Having a good design revolves around many things. We can say that the following constitute a good website design.

They include:

– Faster loading website.

– Well structured website design

– Contact pages availability

– Chatbots enabled

– WhatsApp chat enabled

– Good spacing between website components and elements. etc.

5. Services page

Services page makes it easier for customers to know if you are the right person for the needs. Services page might have a brief or full description of what your company does and it will be easy for customers to book you if you are the right party for their problem statement.

Check out this amazing services page of client website

A services page will tell if a client books your services or not, so ensure it the best and it’s well outlined and if possible attach a pricing page into it for easier decision making by customers.

6. Portfolio page

Portfolio page is whereby you showcase your mastery and what you have been able to deliver to your passed clients. If you have this page it might increase your customer acquisition rate to 98%. People like to see that the company they are interacting with can serve them to their best interests.

We also have our own portfolio page, see the projects we have delivered to our esteemed clients.

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