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How many pages is a simple website ?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to how many pages a “simple” website should have because “simple” can be subjective and depends on what the website’s purpose is. However, I can give you some guidelines based on different types of websites:

Minimum for any website:

  • Most experts recommend including at least 5 essential pages: Home, About, Contact, Services/Products, and Privacy Policy. These provide basic information and build trust with visitors.

Small business website:

  • Generally, 5-10 pages are considered reasonable, including the essentials plus FAQ, Testimonials, About the Team, and a Blog (optional).

Simple personal website:

  • An even smaller number of pages (3-5) could work, focusing on About Me, Projects/Experience, and Contact.

Other factors to consider:

  • Website type: E-commerce sites will have many more pages due to product listings. A landing page might only have one.
  • Content amount: If each page has minimal content, you might need more pages to cover the desired information.
  • Target audience: Complex websites need more pages to guide users. Simpler audiences might need fewer.


  • Quality over quantity: Prioritize well-written and informative content over having many pages.
  • User experience: Focus on clear navigation and easy information access, regardless of page number.
  • Start small, grow organically: You can always add more pages later as your website and needs evolve.

If you have a specific website type or purpose in mind, I can offer more tailored advice on the appropriate number of pages.

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