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How much do web developers charge for websites ?

Now to start different websites have different complexities and different types of features that you are going to get when you start to build the website.

We can say we have simple sites and complex sites simple sites can range from block sites portfolio website personal website small companies websites  etc.

Equatorial that is used to determine if a website is large or small is one is number of pages that you are going to have on that particular website another thing is the number of features and also the types of features that you want to have on the website another thing it can be integrations that you want on the website.

For blog websites we can say the price ranges from 20 k to 50 k. Also for personal portfolio websites ranges from 20000 to 50000 Kenya Shillings. 

E-commerce website ranges from 50k to 200k depending on the features that you want on the website and also the integrations that you want the website to come up with things to do with payment integration messaging and other things related to the website.

Company websites ranges from 100k to 300k depending on the number of features you want and also the number of pages.

Enterprise website that is a website that are combined with a business details and also the company details are from 200 k to 500 Kenya Shillings.

So basically we follow these criteria to come up with website design prices so that we know the best we can give you but this price is just for measuring the size of the website but keep in mind that you can negotiate with a web developer to come up with a good price that is a pocket friendly to you and also something that you can be able to work with without maybe failing to pay the overall amount.

Most of different companies like Nairobi digital hub they provide you with free domain registration and web browsing for a full year and also they provide you with customer support for a full year for most of the packages from e-commerce to company websites to Enterprise websites.

We also provide website maintenance and website optimisation services. That is if you want your website to be discovered on Google and other search engines we can help you with our best services that has enabled us to appear on the first page of Google too. We also help with opening Google my business profile accounts on your behalf and also try to reach out to your old customers to see if they can get you reviews and we tell them to write good reviews or that the reviews can also help you in the search in case someone searches somebody related to you and it was written on the review the chance of your profile going up or showing is high if it has the keyword on the reviews.

Our web development techniques are modern and very sophisticated that we are able to get you something that is of international quality and somewhere that you will love somebody that you can showcase to the World Without Fear of ridiculous.

We will help you with coming up with strategies on how to promote the website on different channels starting from Google ads SEO Facebook ads to YouTube; once we understand your strategy it is very easy for us to start working with you and give you the results that you might be looking for.

Don’t be afraid give us a call today so that we can start that consultation right away tell you what you need to do so that you can get started with the web development process which is usually very streamlined at our company we take 1 to 4 weeks to complete any type of projects that we have from the website that we named above from startup sites to Bigger Enterprise websites.

Give us a call on 0726 529055 today then we will give you free consultation for 20 minutes and tell you what you can do to get started with working with a website and getting your website done by us.

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