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How many hours does it take to develop a website ?

Now a website is a collection of web pages with data about a business.

Websites are different they range from simple site to complex sites; simple websites take small amount of time to develop as compared to complex websites.

The amount required to develop a website depends entirely on the experience of the web developer.

For simple site it can range from 2 days to 5 days. For Complex Society it can range from 2 weeks to 4 weeks.

Another thing is also the availability of the web developer and how busy they are to take your project. If the web developer company is very busy then it might take the website slightly longer to be completed as compared to when they are not busy.

It is good to have an agreement with the web development company before starting the process of web development so that you are sure at what time they will be complete with the website design. This is simply to avoid confusion and misunderstanding if they are issues to do with deliverability and also issues to do with the deadlines.

It is also good to state the main requirements of the website that you want them to be implemented so that you are happy with the design, this will ensure that you get a website that you want and a website that will be satisfied with so that the web developer delivers something that you love.

At Nairobi digital hub what we do is we prioritize your project and if we agree on a project deadline, then you will have your project at that particular time.

If we are busy then we usually tell our clients our schedule so that we avoid misunderstanding at the end of the. That we agree but we never go past the deadline and usually deliver before that because we always in communication to ensure that we are developing somebody that you like and not something that we think is going to be good for you because we might decide that this design is good for you but on your side you will not like it so it is best so that we work with you on developing the website then give you knew our ideas then if you agree with our design ideas then we can go on with our design ideas then deliver something because we will be sure that that is something that you will be loving and something that will be using for your business.

If you are looking for a good web development company then look no further Nairobi digital hub is the best web development company in Nairobi Kenya we have delivered over 1000 website designs to different clients all over different Industries. We understand all the web development strategies and modern features so that you can get a modern website that is very responsive and interactive to help you get more customers online.

Feel free to reach us out via phone or email anytime for any query usually give free 20 minutes consultation for anything that is concerning web development and advertising.

Our our website designs are very modern and very attractive to get your customers engaged in any way and able to interact with you or purchase from you or  request of quote from your website easily.

We also integrate with modern features like WhatsApp and live chat integration so that you are you are able to interact with your clients on real time or they can reach out to you anytime they feel like they are ready to engage you in one way or another they can also direct questions direct on WhatsApp or using live chat feature on your website. This will increase the conversions and leads and also cells from your website because people are able to interact with you very easily as opposed to traditional website whereby the phone number was also very hidden and you could not see it easily unless you are Tech Guru and you know how to browse a website. We make our website very easy to use event for someone who has never interacted with a website will be able to read through and get whatever they are looking for easily. So look no further we are the best web development company in Kenya and we are sure that we can deliver that project you have on your mind right now. 

Start the journey of web development with Nairobi digital hub.

Our phone number is 0726 529055 open 24/7 you can make enquiry via our website either through WhatsApp or through the contact form.

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